Strength and Athleticism for Boys

Led by Rick Boisvert, the four-week Strength and Athleticism for Boys program focusses on the foundations and mechanics for the development of physical strength and athleticism for boys ages 12 to 15.

Learning the proper way to train, with good form, is very important for youths in order to avoid early mistakes that could lead to injury. Having a proper foundation will enhance their ability to progress in future training in the gym and in sports.

Training includes the following elements:

  • Basic mobility and stability training
  • Strength development (squats, deadlifts, lunges, pressing, pulling, core, etc.). The focus will be on proper form. Tools such as kettlebells, dumbbells, and bodyweight movements will be used.
  • Athletic development (crawling, agility, coordination, balance, “games”, etc.) and basic power development (i.e. jumps, battle ropes, kettlebell swings, medicine ball throws, and ball slams) will also be introduced.

No previous fitness experience is required. The program is adapted to accommodate the experience and abilities of the group. The workshop can be repeated to further develop these skills.

The next Strength and Athleticism for Boys program runs 10am to 11am beginning on Sunday, April 7. The cost of the full four-week program is $88.00. Register in advance online, in person, or by phone at 613-253-2112.

Rick Boisvert Personal TrainerAbout Rick Boisvert

Rick builds on his background in martial arts and CrossFit with certifications and training in Olympic Weightlifting (NCCP), Gymnastics Foundations (NCCP, Gymnastics Bodies), Kettlebell (Agatsu, Hard Style), Mobility Specialist (Kelly Starrett, FRC, Kinstretch), POSE running, and others.

Rick has dedicated over 25 years personally training in movement-related practices, including martial arts, Ido Portal Movement, “Fighting Monkey” Practice, and Qigong. With over 20 years of experience coaching, he is passionate about sharing his experience with others to help people move and feel better so they can enjoy life and activities more freely.

His current focus is on physical longevity through exploring the mechanics of natural and athletic movement, connecting the body from the ground up, through the fascial lines, and strengthening the body for the natural purpose it was designed for: locomotion. By design, humans were meant to be supple and dynamic movers.